Saddlebag Holster

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Our Saddlebad Holster is a great option that gives the bike rider a place to secure his or her firearm inside their saddlebag.  The holster has holes drilled in both side which gives you the options to relocate the velcro pad to either side of the holster.  The velcro pad is a 5X4 inch pad and the second pad has adhesive so you can attach it to your saddlebag.  The holster has two retention screws so you can adjust the retention.

Holster Specs

-0.060 inch thick kydex

-5x4 inch velcro pad

-5x4 inch velcro pad with adhesive backing

-Two retention screw

-Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Over time the velcro will need to be replaced and we recommend mounting the holster with additional hardware, however, this is not required.  If you use additional hardware, ensure this is done on the velcro mount and not the holster itself.  


If you utilize this holster in your home, it will not properly secure your firearm.  Young kids and other unauthorized persons will be able to remove the firearm from the holster and/or be able to remove the firearm and holster together.  By law, it is your responsibility to properly secure your firearm from all unauthorized persons.  At no time should this product be used as a safe means to properly secure your firearm from other unauthorized users.  Pitalo's Custom Kydex is not responsible for your actions.  Please be safe and enjoy your holster.