Purse/Bag Holster Fits SIG Models

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     Our purse & bag holsters work great with any purse or bag that has a velcro pocket.  We utilize the hook side of the velcro on our holsters and we drill holes on both sides of the holster.  This gives you the option to attach the velcro on either side so you can use our holster with multiple purse and/or bag setups.  


     Our Velcro has a strong acrylic adhesive that can be used for outdoor use.  Additional rivets are installed to help as a secondary mains to secure that velcro.  We use the "HOOK" side of the velcro so please check to make sure your bag has the "LOOP" velcro installed.   



If your purse or bag does not have the "LOOP" side of the Velcro installed, our holster will not secure properly inside.  Please contact us directly is you have any questions.


This holster comes with:

-No sweat guard so you can set the velcro on either side and get the same draw from your purse or bag.

-One piece of velcro with 2 or 3 attaching screws.  Amount of screws depend on length of the holster.  The velcro is attached to a 0.080 thick piece of Kydex for stability. 

-Two retention screws so you can adjusted the retention to get the perfect draw.

-Smooth edges every time!

-Limited Life Time Warranty

-Great Customer Support, it is our #1 priority.