Dip Holsters

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Our Dip Holster was created for one reason and one reason only.  So you can save money on jeans...........  A small investment of $20.00 will save you money in the future.  It kind of pays for itself.

Our Dip Holster comes with a 1.50 inch belt clip.  Each holster is molded from a can of Copenhagen and you can usually see the impression of Copenhagen on the inside of our holster.

To our knowledge, there is not a smaller Dip Holster made from kydex on the market today.  If there is, we would like to know about it.

This product does not come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty but I back our product with great Customer Service.  If you have an issue with your Dip Holster, please contact us so we can discuss the issue.  I know there are a few cans of dip on the market that are slightly bigger then the normal so please keep that in mind.  MOST dip cans are the same size as the Copenhagen can.  Compare your can with a Copenhagen can, if you are second guessing yourself.

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