AR Vehicle Gun Mount

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Please double check your state laws prior to purchasing this item.  We are not responsible for your actions while transporting your firearm.  After looking at your state laws on transporting a firearm and you are still unsure, we highly recommend contacting your local law enforcement for guidance prior to purchasing.  

Our AR Vehicle Gun Mount is made of .060 thick kydex on the inside and .080 in the outside.  It comes with a steel hook to support the weight of your AR.  This vehicle mount is installed in seconds by simply opening your center console glove box, resting the AR Vehicle Gun Mount flap on the inside of your console and closing your console securely.  It comes with 3 retention screws so you can adjust how much tension is applied to your AR magazine.  Your AR is angled about a 16 degree cant (angle) towards the passenger floor board.  In some vehicles, it may be necessary to storage the barrel of your firearm between the passenger seat and your center console.    


During extreme temperatures, this product can loose it's integrity.  Kydex is a plastic product and just like any other plastics, contact with extreme temperatures can cause the product to fail.  At no time do we recommend leaving this product inside your vehicle for extended periods of time where your AR Vehicle Gun Mount will be exposed to temperatures above 100 degrees, be in contact with direct sun light or exposed to extreme temperatures longer then 30 minutes.  By removing your AR Vehicle Gun Mount, when not in use, will help to protect your product for many years. 


We manufacture our products in Yuma, Arizona.  We have tested our AR Vehicle Gun Mount inside of a black truck with an AR installed for months.  This product has seen 123 degree temperatures outside of the vehicle.  The truck had no ventilation during business hours and was in direct sunlight all day.  Even though we where not able to cause the kydex to deform in any way, please make sure you properly store your product out of direct sunlight.  Pitalo's is not responsible for products damaged by heat or direct sunlight.


This is one of our few products that we have set at a fixed shipping rate.  This product will be shipped PRIORITY MAIL.  Turn around time is between 1 to 10 business days.  If you need this product shipped faster, please contact us prior to ordering.  During certain times of the year, our shipping times can push the 10 business day deadline.